I took a trip to a growing wine shop that supplies wine to more than 120 restaurants in London now… nestled in the heart of Dalston, this Austrian rooted winery brings about the grapes from all over Europe and is the perfect hot spot for dabbling in unusual wines from all over!

How did Newcomer Wines come about?

I took a trip to a growing wine shop that supplies wine to more than 120 restaurants in London now… nestled in the heart of Dalston, this It all started with my partner in business (also life partner), we both came to London to study business management degrees and had spoken about wanting to open an Austrian wine shop. We spoke with an owner at Boxpark Shoreditch and he thought the background and story behind the business was something quite different and gave us a shot. In 2014 it started and one year afterwards we graduated and made it a full time business.

Being an independent business is exciting, do you think independent businesses are important?

Hugely exciting, independent businesses are vital, especially ones that are break the mould. Today we supply wine from Switzerland, Hungary, Germany, it’s one cultural heritage but sadly is split politically differently. Still we pride ourselves on being a local wine shop. When you are an independent you have to offer products you believe in and still have things that people like. You should have something that you personally enjoy and step by step go towards that.

What attracted you to East London?

Honestly, it was where myself and my partner were based during our studies and it all just slotted into place. Boxpark fitted perfectly in between, but now of course we have a wonderful space in Dalston – we like the locals, the curiosity East Londoners have and the variety of cultures and people we have walk through the door.

What about your favourite local businesses here?

One of the first people we worked with was Sager and Wilde (hottest wine bar at the time), pretty much early stages in the business. Sager and Wilde supported us too and have since always been wine advocates. Ellory is another one that has always supported us and we supply wine there too.

So… What does the future look like for Newcomer wines?

We are regularly running events, inviting people from all over Europe (we recently had a hugely well-known Berlin Chef over for a few days, he prepared great food, we all sat and drank wine). A few weeks ago we even had a German party, with 150 people and 3 winemakers to host. It’s a platform for all the things we stand for.

What made you join the Colu?

Our former colleague in Vienna, who stood as the stores General Manager initially had the contact with the Colu team in East London. But the reason we still support the business and use the app is because it makes sense to be involved in the community. Being well connected is what it’s all about after all. So if you fancy sampling some of the delights of Austrian wine, why not head over to Newcomer Wines for a wine tasting session or swing by after work?