The Scolt Head, Culford Road

Enjoy two pints for £6 while enjoying the game and tucking into a home made sausage roll. It doesn’t get any better (or more English) than that!

Prince Arthur Shoreditch

Prince Arthur Shoreditch, Brunswick Place

Self described as a ‘proper London boozer’, this patriotic pub may well be the perfect place to cheer on the lads!

Old Street Brewery, Arch 11 Gale Gardens

Sneakily located in a converted railway arch on top of Bethnal Green Underground station, pop by to enjoy locally brewed beers and guest stouts while watching the game.

The Kenton

The Kenton, Kenton Road

Enjoy half time (or avoid the game all together) by sneaking into the beer garden at the Kenton with your two pints for £6.