Located on Old Haymarket; if you know, you know.

Founded just over a year ago by owner Sarah Lovelock, this is a coffee shop like no other. Expect quirky knick-knacks, fantastic coffee and the best vegan ‘pulled-pork’ in the city… if you get there before it sells out!

Lovelocks have partnered with Liverpool Mental Health Consortium (L.M.H.C.), who are regulars of Lovelocks’ anyhow!

“Liverpool Mental Health Consortium are great fans of Lovelock’s and are often to be found there, enjoying the food, drink, convivial vibes and eclectic music selections as we develop plans to promote positive mental health, challenge stigma around mental distress and provide creative opportunities for local people to look after their wellbeing.’ Claire Stevens from L.M.H.C. explains.

Sarah Lovelock, owner of Lovelocks, with Sarah Butler and Claire Stevens from L.M.H.C.

L.M.H.C. are currently fundraising for their ‘Lunatic Fringe’ project;  a partnership with 8 of Liverpools festivals to deliver creative events with a mental health focus. Claire Stevens explains further; ‘we’re all about partnership working and we think it’s great that Colu is working with local independent businesses, such as Lovelock’s, to support local grassroots charities. It all makes a lot of sense!’

Claire Stevens from L.M.H.C. paying with Colu.

Spend twice this month with Colu in Lovelock and we will donate £2 to L.M.H.C. Spend on Colu five times and £10 will be donated on your behalf! Read more about the Share the Love campaign here>

Download Colu from your App/ Play store; get £5 free credit and extra when you top-up, supporting local businesses in Liverpool. Visit Lovelocks and support Liverpool Mental Health Consortium when using your digital wallet!