This February, in a month largely dominated by extravagant gestures of romance, we want to do things a bit differently. We want to champion a different kind of  love, one for your community, that lasts long after you have eaten that last chocolate or chucked out those roses.

We are delighted to announce our campaign- Share the Love– featuring three amazing local coffee shops, Rococo, Lovelocks and Bean There Coffee and three local charities chosen by the businesses themselves – Alder Hey, Liverpool Mental Health and Claire House.

When you pay with Colu at these businesses over the course of the month we’ll donate to their charity on your behalf; £2 for two spends or £10 for 5 purchases made in the month of February. In this way, the simple act of buying your morning coffee (extra points if your buying coffee for someone else!) from a local business can have a ripple effect in another pocket of the community.

Rococo on Lord Street are raising money for Alder Hey Children’s Charity

Supporting local businesses is one of the best ways to retain wealth within our economy. When businesses accept Colu as a payment method, they are choosing a platform that is not only competitive when compared to card machine costs or paying cash into a bank, but also incentivises using local suppliers through not charging fees when indie businesses spend the money collected with these suppliers. When this happens, we become the cheapest way for independent businesses to take digital payments, skipping bank or credit card charges and fees.

Lovelocks Coffee Shop on Old Haymarket are supporting Liverpool Mental Health Consortium

Over the course of the month we will share more information on these amazing local businesses and charities, telling you all about how they got started and their journey to now.


Bean There Coffee Shop on Smithdown Road, supporting Claire House

At Colu we like creating win-win scenarios, where in this case, we, the community, some good causes and a local business all win.

In the name of good coffee, lets Share the Love!