Netil Market has always been one of our favourite independent spots in East London, with many local traders at the market accepting Colu.

This open air market is extremely popular in the summer, with thousands of locals entering its gates during their Saturday stroll in nearby Broadway Market and London Fields park. However on cold, rainy winter days trade can slow down significantly, making these months a challenge for small businesses.

Last November rumour had it that Netil House (managing the market) were considering closing down the market during the winter to reduce maintenance expenses during these challenging months. Such a decision would have left many traders without their main source of income for 3 months, and been a big miss in the East London community.

We were determined to help find a solution.

We asked all Colu traders in the market if they were in favour of Colu pitching in with Netil Market to support the construction of a roof to cover and warm-up the market during the winter. After receiving unanimous approval from the traders, we partnered up with Netil House to jointly finance the installation of a tent that could cover part of the market, allowing customers to sit in the dry and warmth to enjoy food and drinks whilst providing the businesses with higher footfall compared to any previous winter.

The tent was installed at the beginning of December and will be removed at the end of March.

Netil Market is made special by the combination of fantastic independents that reside there, check them out here…

We Do Nothing (

Ethical clothing brand focused on providing daily threads for the conscious consumer.

Double Butted Cycles (

A Bicycle workshop offering up repairs and services as well as a small range of parts and accessories.

Rice Lah (photo from )

Healthy rice based dishes, grains got good!


Kitchen Provisions (

Innovative kitchen equipment and kits to inspire everyone from an amateur to a professional in the kitchen.

Lemlem Kitchen (

A unique African blend of Italian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food.

Lo paste tradizionali (

Freshly made pasta from all Italian regions.

Sandows (

The best tasting cold brew out there!

Outdoor People (

A place where you can buy tried and tested stuff which will entice you outdoors.


Specialty coffee and Italian treats.

And not to forget the Netil Radio bar!


Cover picture by Alexandru Luchita (