This week I delved into the world of art with a new age twist. Instead of entering a huge historical building surrounded by silence and space, liquid drum n bass echoes off the black and white walls, high ceilings, art tables and modern moguls galore. Cue; Creative Debuts. I’m here with one of the founders Calum to learn all about it.

How did Creative Debuts come about?

It actually all started with an extremely talented artist called Katie Lamb, she created a piece of art that was really incredible for her A Level final. I remember asking her what she did with the art after it was produced and she said that it’s just all over her house. This struck a chord with me personally and the gap surrounding creatives alongside the commercial aspect of art. I came to London and started promoting and championing influencers in that space with Alex (partner in crime) and we had late night brainstorming sessions. We then met Olly (The Office Group) and the rest is history.

Creative Debuts is really unique, I completely agree – it’s unlike a gallery I’ve seen. How do you feel about independent businesses, as you are one of course!

Independent businesses are super important and building a creative business is really tough. But, it’s all about working hand in hand together to succeed. I’ve recently coined the term ‘embryonic start-up’ for this, which I think fits with this query. Let’s leave your creative brain to work out what it could mean.

What attracted you to East London?

Entrepreneurial people, bold and imaginative – such a good place! I really got the London buzz, the multicultural vibes. When I’m away from London I feel like I’m on the London tourist board, I’m constantly promoting it and wishing I was back.


Work by Hatty Butler and Brook Tate

What about your favourite local businesses here? Who can we give a shout out to?

The Framing Room Peckham and Great Art – there are so many who deserve to be shouted about though!

What made you join the East London pound?

I like the concept of the business… oh and my sister works for ‘Colu’ in Liverpool.

What does the future look like for Creative Debuts?

Well, we’ve actually been given some new space, 115 curtain road! It’s really exciting… and now we’re looking at how we can best create a transferable model. We are looking at a big wall in Berlin, even city exchanges (watch this space). The business is riding the wave and realising that what we’ve got something that the corporate world wants, but doesn’t understand.

If you love art, why not take a look at the events happening with Creative Debuts? The first Thursday of every month they bring an overload of creative mastery and share some of the brightest artists of tomorrow!