This week we met with Matt and Marta, the printing gurus behind Dot Studio. This design and printing atelier creates modern products with an old-fashioned, care-about-your-customer mentality. We’re die [cutt]ing to learn more!

How did Dot Studio come about?

Printing has always been important for us. We found ourselves constantly feeling, discussing and getting excited about the textures of papers and the finish of printed goods wherever we went. We saved some money, and with a help of a friend we purchased our first machine. We’re still learning and experimenting everyday. It’s very important to us that we help our customers to realize their ideas in the form of a great, high quality product with a special touch. Our products are unique because they’re handcrafted – we operate our machines entirely by hand. We make everything from business cards to invitations and more this way.

What attracted you to your current location?

We’re based in Tottenham, and the area is becoming really dynamic. We love East London in general because there’s so much going on. Every day you can find something new, exciting, and different but there’s also a friendly atmosphere. You really get the feeling that anything is possible when you’re in East London.

What are your favorite local businesses that we could give a shout-out to?

There’s a few local graphic designers and illustrators we love working and collaborating with including Nina Klein, Dominika Lipniewska, Filip Ziebo, Plastic Crayons, and of course East End Trade Guild – Krissie is doing great things for local, small businesses. Besides that, we love to visit the Tottenham Green Market on Sundays, Loven Presents (a great pizza place), and Craving Coffee.

What does the future look like for Dot Studio?

We’re launching our new website soon, which is really exciting. In future, we’d also like to start our own line of handmade stationery. Beyond that, we’re always excited about new projects and are always open for new ideas!

Why did you join Colu?

We joined Colu because we loved the idea of utilizing the latest technology to keep money in the community and to support hardworking local businesses.

If you’re on the hunt for beautiful printed goods, be sure to check out Dot Studio. Follow them on Instagram to see what they’re up to next!