This week I went to meet the vegan power couple on a mission to change the way East London thinks about food; Sazzy and Fran. Tucked away in the heart of Hackney Road, this dynamic duo prepares everything from scratch (tacos to healthy millionaires shortbread). We sat down with coffee in hand, snacks galore and got stuck in!

How did Sazzy & Fran come about?

We have always been passionate about food and coffee and wanted to try and offer different foods, especially vegan and healthy food. Sazzy is also a personal trainer and her passion is cooking so it was a match made in heaven. I (Fran) worked for Pret for 3 years and understand coffee and food of course, but realised that there were things that weren’t being offered that people wanted. (Sazzy) It just so happened one of my clients knew about this little space and offered it to us… Now we are here, 6 months in and can’t believe it’s happened.

Being an Independent business is exciting, do you think independent businesses are important?

It helps people to test out their ideas and allows them to make their wishes and dreams come true. Small businesses have to look at everything, it’s so much tougher than big businesses… But we adore being in London and people here. It’s such a ‘London’ thing to be an independent business

What attracted you to East London?

Sazzy has lived here for years and just loves it, we live close, the vibe is super cool and the people of course are!

What about your favourite local businesses here? Who can we can give a shout out to?

You guys! Thank you so much for supporting us, we really love what Colu stands for. Oh and of course our wonderful organic sourdough bread supplier Breid. They even deliver the bread to us themselves.

So… What does the future look like for Sazzy & Fran?

We’d really hope for expansion, but for us it’s figuring out what direction! Potentially wholesale – our granola is made here, our olive oil is from Fran’s fathers olive oil business in Sicily and our Matcha is our own brought all the way over from Japan (which we went out and picked). But there are so many options, we’ll have to see when the time comes.

What made you join the Colu app?

The team are so nice here, it really feels like the power is away from the huge banks and supporting smaller businesses – which is really needed now. It’s difficult to trust the banks and we want to have a choice in the matter of who we support. Keeping it local is keeping it personal and having that connection with other brands and businesses.

So if you’d like to sample the delights of Sazzy & Frans, book your delicious vegan pizza for pizza Fridays (via Instagram) or on Saturday why not try out delicious French toast? Don’t forget to give us a follow on Instagram and keep supporting your local businesses!