Despite weather indicating otherwise; March is indeed here with that comes International Women’s Day on the 8th. A day for everyone to take a step back and celebrate all the progress we’ve made in the name of gender parity; as well as recognising we still have a lot to do! The founders of International Women’s Day have devised the call to action #pressforprogress, reminding us that although we’ve come a long way, there’s still more work we can get busy doing within our community.

Liverpool is a city with a long tradition of pioneering women, unafraid to voice their opinion or get stuff done in the name of girl power! There have been female social activists such as Hannah Greg doing their thing as far back as 1787,  or Lottie Dodd the first female to win Ladies Singles at Wimbledon in 1887, to Beryl Bainbridge; named one of The Times 50 greatest novelists in 2008. Scratch the surface and you’ll see a multitude of women that have fought, campaigned and succeeded in changing peoples perceptions of gender and moving the goal posts for the next generation.

Liverpool, famous for it’s pioneering women and industrial history!

The week, Liverpool’s very own Girl Geeks will be holding a quiz to celebrate the day at Frederiks on, you guessed it, March 8th! If you haven’t heard of Girl Geeks yet, then… where’ve you been hiding? They’re an amazing organisation of women who after having the thought “where are all the women in tech?” they decided to do something to change that. So, Girl Geeks was born as a way to inspire girls to get involved in the tech world, providing training in areas such as coding. We loved the idea of the quiz so much we wanted to contribute a prize, so get yourselves down to their quiz to celebrate all things lady related and download Colu to make sure you can cash in on the prize and spend it on some tasty cocktails at the bar!

From the Girl Geeks Insta

Another way we can support our fellow lovely Liverpudlian Ladies is by choosing their businesses over high-street chains. This in turn, will uplift the community as a whole… how’s that for gender equality?  Just to name a few on the app, we have the amazing Nat from The Nakery whipping up guilt-free treats, Tracey from Rusty Rose creating beautiful floral headdresses for any and all occasions and Paula providing cosy cafe vibes at The Square Bistro. So get exploring and get chatting! The more we learn from one another, the closer we’ll become and hopefully, we’ll be championing #pressforprogress in the best way we can.

Tracey from Rusty Rose hard at work

Get out there and have fun with Colu!