What do you get when you combine a Boston born brewer, a Belgian beer factory and whole lotta confidence? An East End Brewery, or at least that’s what happened to owner and brewing master, Pete Brown. I caught up with Pete over a cheeky beer to learn all about one of the coolest East London spots, Forest Road Brewery.

How did Forest Road come about?

Well, I’m from Boston and over there you have over 21 different types of beer, it’s always spot on when it comes to quality and I saw a gap in the market in London. Back in 2015, I started to brew in my back garden, down Forest Road (yes – seriously). Headed to local breweries, but none could make the beer the way I’d wanted so the next step was contacting a brewery in Belgium (Brouwerij Van Eecke.) It’s taken off since!

That’s so damn cool. Being an Independent business is exciting, do you think independent businesses are important?

YES! It’s all about making something good when you are independent, you can’t get away with a product not being great quality.  Sometimes, when independent businesses sell-out, they often lose the brand, the reason why you started in the first place, the individuality and that’s the most important thing.

What attracted you to East London?

I used to DJ in Camden and love London. Met my bunch of boys in East London, we hit it off, I haven’t looked back since. East London has a ‘real’ vibe – no where else is quite like it.

What about your favourite local businesses here? Who can we give a shoutout to?

There are so many, it’s full of people starting their own thing! There are cool staff at Pidgin and great food, so many more places though – i can’t name them all!

What made you join the East London pound?

I wasn’t too sure at first but my brewery rep James said we should take a chance on it, the rates were lower than our card provider too! They were 2% and COLU was 0.9% which works for us. Of course the fact it supports small businesses is also ace.

So… What does the future look like for FR?

Well, let me show you (SECRET SQUIRREL) 2019 marks the opening of something special. You’ll have to watch this space! In the meantime follow us on Instagram.