Did you know, that as a nation we use 7 million disposable (often single use plastic) coffee cups everyday? That adds up to 2.5 billion cups a year, which is an awful lot of waste for your morning caffeine fix. What is also shocking is that, what keeps your coffee from seeping through these cups is the polyethylene lining, a damaging and harmful plastic that slowly breaks down into micro-plastics, making their way into animals’ diets, and entering through the food chain onto our dinner plates. Not to mention that they require a large amount of resources and energy to manufacture.

It comes as no surprise then, that the UK government are looking to introducing a ‘latte levy’ – a 25p tax on each disposable cup taken from a coffee shop. This will be either passed on to the customer or will have to be absorbed by independent businesses. Aside from this, there is plans to ban the use of these cups all together, if not fully recyclable by 2023! A huge problem, that without a doubt needs addressing.

Enter, the Colu Cup, a reusable cup that anyone can ‘borrow’ from four coffee shops in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle – Coffee & Fandisha, Fodder Canteen, The Baltic Roastery by 92 and Siren! Following a deposit of £2 paid to the ‘The Colu Cup’ merchant account via the Colu app, the cup is yours to use. This scheme allows you to use the cup and then (if you choose) to return it, your deposit will be refundable. Alternatively, you can keep hold of the cup and just exchange for a clean cup in any of the four coffee shops with your next coffee.

Not only will these cups will help reduce the use of disposable cups thus reducing the amount of waste that is created by disposable cups. They are made from polypropylene which is fully recyclable and they are also BPA free. Each reusable cup can be used over 400 times, as they are durable and dish-washable and provide an economical and environmentally better alternative to single use options for everyone. Alongside the environmental benefits, we have heard from many businesses across the city how expensive purchasing high quality takeaway ware is and in this way through this scheme we are able to absorb that costs for these pioneering independents.

It may only be a cup, but we believe that small, deliberate adjustments in everyday decisions have a massive impact on shaping the kind of community we want to live in, allowing us to most effectively support our city and the people that make this place so special. 

Keep an eye out for the Colu Cup in the Baltic Triangle launching Tuesday 16th October!