We would like to congratulate the University of Liverpool’s Media and Communications students on graduating with great results this week after many long months of storyboards, scripts, filming and cutting – they did it! Well done guys, this was very well deserved.

Since January, we have been working with the students to create commercial videos, in the aim of helping them learn the practicalities of video-making and to face the day to days of working with real life clients, and in return, we got some pretty spectacular content! This is the first of it’s kind at the University and we can vouch for the students in that it is one of the best ways for them to learn and flourish into the fantastic videographers they are.

Our partnership with this group of students was a pleasure and we see it as a great privilege to be able to showcase all of their hard work to Liverpool!

Check out the talent below:

Colu Challenge, by Jordan Holdsworth, Femi Olabode, Mini Zhu and Yunji Tao

Be a Liverpool Local and use Colu by Olivia Seed and Gemma Wells-Cole

One beautiful day with Colu by June Rao, Xinran Song and Yifan Li

The Colu Experience on Smithdown Road by Joshua Courtney, Li Xinshan and Ye Zhang

Colu Liverpool: Be a local by Jack Moss, Xuan Zuo, Yaqing Zhang, Yijoi Chou and Yunqi Ji

Live well, be a local! By Andrew Cradock, Elie Barrett, Luyan Xu, Yubu Can and Yue Yuan