Tomorrow is global Scouse day, where the world celebrates being scouse, eating scouse or simply having a great taste in food. We have rounded up some of the best places to enjoy this Liverpudlian delicacy in the city.

Cafe Tabac

Scouse and a Margarita? Yes please

Fodder Canteen

Enjoy helping yourself to fresh Scouse everyday for lunch at friendly neighbourhood cafe and canteen down in the Baltic traingle.

The Caledonia

Well known for their top class vegan junk food, they have decided to cook up a blind Scouse in commemoration of global Scouse day.


You’ve Pulled

Yorkshire pudding roast dinner wraps to bunny chow Scouse in a bread bowl. Pop in to Grand Central food bizarre to be impressed this global Scouse day


Cafe Lucaya

Popular lunch spot just off water street is the perfect place to enjoy some home cooked Scouse on a Thursday afternoon.